FAQs: Groups Already On A Site

The following FAQ documents are aimed at groups who are already established on a site and who may be planning to develop that site or find new sites to expand their work. The FAQs will help with information and advice on issues including leases, planning restrictions, costs involved and negotiation.

The FAQs are split into five separate documents for ease of reference, each one covering an important topic for community growing groups seeking land. Please note that due to differences in regulations and law, there may be a choice of versions available depending on which country you need. Just click on the links to download the documents.

FAQs: Groups already on a site

  1. Introduction, Context & Benefits
  2. Hints and Tips on Finding Land
  3. Costs
  4. Permissions & controls (England); Permissions & controls (Scotland); Permissions & controls (Wales)
  5. Leases (England version); Leases (Scotland version)


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