Leases: Sample Lease Templates (Scotland)

The Community Land Advisory Service has created several lease agreement templates which are intended to be used as a basis or starting point for your own agreement, rather than as a finished item. It is strongly recommended that you take legal advice before entering into any type of agreement. Follow the simple four step process below to find the most suitable template for you along with guidance information on how to adapt and use it.

Step 1

Download our Leases Flowchart, which will guide you through a series of questions in order to ensure you choose the best possible agreement type for your circumstances.

Step 2

Based on the recommendation of the flowchart download a template from the choice below:

Step 3

Download the CLAS Heads of Terms Summary document which is useful to help you decide the main elements or considerations which go into making the lease.

Step 4

Get guidance on the whole process by downloading the CLAS Lease Templates Guidance Documents (where applicable):

  • For Limited Duration Tenancy Agreement, Short Duration Tenancy Agreement or Grazing Let Template download this Guidance Document.


Please Note: The Community Land Advisory Service accepts no liability for any loss, damage or injury suffered or caused by any party as a result of entering into any Agreement based on the indicative style of these templates.





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