Leases: Flowchart for Lease Type (Scotland)

The Community Land Advisory Service has created a flowchart to guide users who want to find the right type of lease for their project or interest in Scotland.

Simply download the document, choose which category best suits your group or situation and then answer the questions to find out which lease best suits.

Flowchart for Lease Type (Scotland)



Finding Land Overview: Start Here

Start here with an overview of the topic: Finding Land. This document is aimed at new community growing groups, landowners and groups already on a site who might be looking to expand or add to the site. You can download the document using the link below:

Finding Land Overview: Start Here



Community Empowerment Participation Requests

New rights have come into effect in Scotland (from April 1, 2017) which will enable communities to identify local needs and issues and request action to be taken on them by public sector authorities and Health Boards. 


Case Study: Borth Community Gardens

Borth Community Gardens is an initiative to create a space for local people to grow their own food in a communal environment. The allotments and community gardens are located near St. Matthew's Church, Borth, Ceredigion. Activities on the site include gardening, work parties by locals and visiting groups, as well as Open Day events and more informal get-togethers. In addition to cultivated land, the gardens are now home to several chickens, a couple of ducks and bee hives on the community garden section.


Guidance for Registered Social Landlords

This guidance is aimed at Registered Social Landlords such as housing associations which may want to get involved in community gardening or design community gardens or allotments into their plans. It is intended as a primer to help RSLs understand the needs and benefits of community growing and draws on examples of current housing-led community growing projects and explains how each has been developed.


Finding Land: Site Features Checklist

Before you can decide whether a site or land agreement is suitable for your group, you need to plan what you will use the land for, both now and in the future. This checklist will help you prepare for your land search and for the agreement with the land owner. Tell the landowner what you expect to build and what you think your requirements will be. Make sure essential items are permitted in the lease.

Site Features Checklist



Useful Link: Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society

The Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society (SAGS) works for allotment sites and plot holders throughout Scotland to:

  • Protect sites
  • Preserve skills in gardening and design
  • Promote the value of allotments

For more information about SAGS visit the website at or email:


Useful Link: National Allotment Society (formerly NSALG)

National Allotment Society

01536 266 576

Formerly known as the National Society for Allotments and Leisure Gardeners, this is a members’ co-operative which protects, promotes and preserves allotments. It provides advice and information to both allotment holders and home gardeners. NAS has a legal team and can help draft non-standard agreements between councils or private landlords and allotment associations.

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